Appraisal Services

Valuations for Financing

Appraisals of real property are utilized as a tool to assist buyers, sellers and participating lenders in the determination of current market value of a particular property in order consummate a contract for sale and secure permanent financing.

Rental Analysis

A rental study of industrial, commercial or retail properties can be an invaluable asset and monumentally important document to a landlord or a prospective tenant contemplating a lease negotiation to ascertain a current fair market rental rate.

Estate & Tax Planning

With the ever evolving tax rules and implications imposed upon real estate by the Internal Revenue Service, a real property appraisal provides an effective opinion of current market value for any property type and can aid accountants and attorneys in counseling their clients astutely and prudently.

Expert Litigation Testimony

Too often disputes involving the value of real estate are litigated in our courts. Over the years, Philadelphia Suburban Realty Appraisal Group has assisted many property owners and their professional advisors and counselors by providing expert testimony regarding an extensive variety of legal issues and property types.

Tax Appeals

One of the most contentious areas of real estate valuation involves a property owner and the taxing authority in which their real estate is located. As municipalities struggle to balance their budgets, they inevitably look to the taxation of real estate as a deep well from which to draw from. Our firm has been extremely successful in representing property owners and attorneys in the presentation of fair and impartial opinions of market value resulting in numerous appeals in favor of our clients.